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About This Project

My goal was to create a fully operational page in AWS in a few hours. These are the results of that goal. The programming projects are my own work, and they can be found on my Github page The project reflection section sums up my experience with this project.

Project Reflection

  • My goal was to host a webpage on AWS, in one day.
  • Tasks included: create EC2 instance, create static IP, create a webpage, and install apache server.
  • I dedicated all my time to this project. I used a Saturday to accomplish this project.
    It was hard resisting going out for the day, but I had a goal that I needed to accomplish.
    What helped me in this project was my determination, and I actually had fun accomplishing this goal.
  • I feel a lot more comfortable using AWS, and I'm excited to use more AWS technologies.


Rufino J Coronado III

Founder of

I’m a tech enthusiast, and I enjoy expressing myself through technology. I’m a recent graduate in Software Testing, but I also enjoy developing as well. I’m a United States veteran, and I hope to inspire fellow veterans in their technology learning journey. It’s a dream come true to be able to program for a living, my future goals involve creating more programs and sharing my creativity with the world.